Some may feel uncertain about the Standard App, Lite App and Pro App, Now let’s take “Music Tag Editor” for an example. The Standard app named as “Music Tag Editor” provide basic tag editing functions:

Music Tag Editor:
Support Music formats: MP3, M4A (Apple lossless), MP4, FLAC, APE, AIFF, WAV , Ogg files, asf, dsf, dsd,wma,wmv…
Support ID3V1, ID3V2.3,ID3V2.4, xiph Comments, APE Tag, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Speex, Ogg Flac.
Main features:
1. support id3v1,id3v2,xiphComments, APE Tag, Ogg Tags, ASF Tags, iTunes tags and so on.
2. support edit any kind of tags of music file. Customize tag’s key and value of music file.
3. support batch processing of lots of music files,support iTunes importing.
4. Online album image download,multi album image supported.
5. batch rename audio file with metadata
6. batch convert file name to tags using regular expression
7. user can change,convert the tag text encoding easily, it also can repair messy code in situations.
8. Fully iTunes Tag supported.
9. Support strip APE or ID3V1 tags in mp3 files
10. support to save id3v2.3 or id3v2.4 tags!
11. support Batch Find & Replace tags.
12. Batch clean tags
13. Built-IN Music player for all audio formats
14. export to CSV file in one click.
In most case, Music Tag Editor can do what you need. But if you want to some senior tag editing, You may need Music Tag Editor Pro. Here is what the Pro version can give you:

Advance features in Music Tag Editor Pro:

1.Edit Additional and Advanced Tags.
2.Custom and edit any tags you want.
3.Batch Find & Replace all tag fields in one click.
4.MusicBrainZ Cloud services supported.
5.Senior lyrics editor.
Now you get the difference between standard and pro. Lite is a Trial version of Music Tag Editor Pro, You can download “Music Tag Editor Lite” at Appstore freely and try everything we provide in pro version. But there is some restrictions:

Restrictions in Lite Version:

1. You can only save up to 30 files.
2. batch editing is disabled.
Thanks for interesting in Music Tag Editor, If you have any problems or suggestions, Let me know:
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