Thanks for downloading Swift Converter for Mac.

Now let’s take a look at what’s can be done through Swift Converter.

The main function is to convert video, watermark video, clip video, Crop Video.

Step 1: Import Medias to Library.

After the import of medias, you can right click the selected media to see what you can do Or just double click to review the video or audio contents.

Step 2: Custom output formats.

Before the media conversion, you might want to custom the output format adapted to your destination devices. This can be done through “Custom Output Format” button on top bar.

Step3: Edit medias.

By click “Edit Media” on top functions bar. You will enter the media editing mode. In this section, You can do some useful media editing! Like “split video to parts”, “trim video”, “Watermark video”, “Crop Video”, All these functions can be done very easily and efficiently!

Final Step: Convert Video

When every steps for video convert has been done. Just click “Start Converter” button on top right of functions bar. And all your have to do is waiting for all tasks’s completion!

More extra functions can be found through “Preference” Module. And It would be fun you find out some interesting modules.

If you did not find some useful informations you supposed to , Feel free to Contact me!