Thanks for downloading Movie Thumbnails Maker for Mac(Shortly for MTM). Let’s took a look at some instructions you may want to know while using MTM.

  • Import files.

At the beginning of all of your works, you should import some movie files into your library, You can do this by click the “Add” button on top of the toolbar or by dragging files to the dragging area.  Figure 1 show the main interface while you have done the “Import files” task.

Figure 1:

  • Custom Output Collage.

Right click of the movie item or click “Custom Collage” menu hidden in “Actions” toolbar button or with shortcut “⌘ + K”:

Figure 2:

Figure 3:

Figure 3 show the Custom Collage panel.  Let’s take a quick glance from top to bottom and left to right.

the “Preview” image shows the arrangement of the grids according to the settings, It’s rendered in realtime while you change the settings.

the clip area below the “Preview” give you the opportunity to specify the region of the movie you want to make thumbnails with. You can specify the range by dragging the slider or input the right time area.

you can set the background color of the collage output. Customize the grid settings, the “Preview” image will change at realtime while the settings is changing.

the “Set as default” checkbox means the current settings will influence the next import actions. the “Apply to all” checkbox make sure all files in library use the same settings. very convenient, isn’t it?

  • More  detail settings of outputted metadata.

Figure 4:

You can custom details of metadata output settings in the metadata module of preferences. Feel free to customize the way you want.

  • Ready for outputting.

The default output path of thumbnails is “/Users/Yourname/Pictures/com.edysoft.VideoThumbnailMaker”. it’s can be changed in the “General” module of preferences window.  In “General” Module , you can define the output format of thumbnail images ,  And the way you want to perform while tasks finished.

  • Do the thumbnails work.

While all works of preparing, It’s time to make thumbnails. Click “Start Process” button bottom left of the main interface. All will be done soon!

  • More…

If you have any more questions or advices,  feel free to mail me (contact me) or leave comments here, I will see. Thanks again!