Music Tag Editor support get tags of music from Amazon web services. The result rely on the artist or album of musics.

To search from amazon, Follow the steps:

  1. Click “Cloud Services” button on top bar.
  2. Select “Search from Amazon” menu option.
  3. Then a search sheet window should pop up: 
  4. you can do search through this window. All matched results will list in the table view below. click each item and view details through the right panel. Choose one result that fit your desire. Click “Save to Local” button at bottom right, All tags shown will fill to the origin file. Done !
  5. Beyond this, You can navigate file to file use “Previous one” or “Next one” button. Before you perform the save operation, You can view the music item at Amazon by click “View on Amazon” button , Then you can view more details about the music and buy it if you like.